Certificate of Authenticity
A Certificate of Authenticity is supplied with every item, signed and dated by the carver and includes the carvers trademark.

Example Certificate of Authenticity

Wakahuia by Steve Pyne  Watermark

Waka is a box or container or canoe.

Huia is an extinct bird whose white tipped tail feathers were highly prized and worn in the hair of only the highest ranking Maori Chiefs.

The Wakahuia is a very ornately carved wooden box used to hold the treasured possessions of a chief.

Each wakahuia was unique. The design was not repeated when so many variations were possible for the skilled carver.

Decorative work in which notched ridges run parallel to one, two or three plain ridges is termed Rauponga. The plain ridges are known as Patapata and the hollows between ridges are Haehae, while the notched ridge itself is termed Pakati. Each individual notch is Arapata. The spirals serve as points of movement or joint marks.

The eyes could be inlaid with paua a more colourful relative of the abalone.

Only New Zealand native timbers are used for carvings, this Wakahuia is kauri.
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